Quillbot SEO Strategy


Current SEO


Quillbot gets approximately 10,730,963 monthly organic clicks from Google from the US.

Top Pages

Page Approx. Monthly Clicks (US)
https://quillbot.com/grammar-check 2,750,322
https://quillbot.com/ 2,501,732
https://quillbot.com/citation-generator/apa 1,840,911
https://quillbot.com/word-counter 1,100,366
https://quillbot.com/translate 880,841
https://quillbot.com/citation-generator 443,264
https://quillbot.com/summarize 177,247
https://quillbot.com/spell-checker 124,489
https://quillbot.com/citation-generator/mla 118,836
https://quillbot.com/online-proofreader 87,560

Main Topics

Quillbot Competitors

Competitor Traffic Indexed Pages
Quillbot 10,730,963 1726
Jasper 605,855 unknown
WriteSonic 499,297 424
Scripted 101,805 1162

How could Quillbot grow their ARR using SEO?

The Process

The steps for Quillbot to increase their organic traffic and revenue would be:

  1. Design the ideal Topical Map
  2. Create content plan
  3. Priotitize based on available resources
  4. Produce content
  5. Add internal links based on Topical Map